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What we stand for

Our common goal is a livable and lovable city center. In our efforts we carry on the guiding principle of a modern urban development of the SPD Worms.

The local schools are one main concern of the SPD Worms-Mitte. In order to further guarantee an optimal school life these schools must be modernized. As children need freedom we welcome the extension of schoolyards into playing areas.

We stand for the cosmopolitan city of Worms where people from different cultures enhance our city.

Owing to the building of the second Rhine Bridge in Worms many changes concerning the Rhine were and are still necessary. The connection of the city center to the Rhine and an appealing design of the banks of the Rhine are of high importance to us. We support the plans of extending the cycle paths of the entire city so that its citizens can still safely reach the banks of the Rhine – whether by foot or by bicycle.

We want to maintain as well as refurbish the public places, parks, fountains and monuments. During inspections of these areas with residents and the administration we keep following the progress. The same goes for the environment of the train station and the pedestrian areas – after all, the guests and inhabitants of our city are supposed to feel comfortable here.

If you should have any suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the SPD Worms-Mitte, then simply make an appointment with us. We will gladly take the time for a personal meeting.


Area of Responsibility

The area of the SPD Worms-Mitte borders northwards on Siegfriedstraße / Berliner Ring, on the eastern side along the B9, Kyffhäuserstraße, Allmendgasse on Ludwigsstraße. On the southern side, the area verges on Frauentorstraße, Schönauerstraße and on Willi-Brand-Ring. On the western side, the railway line forms the borderline.

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Andreas Sackreuther
Welcome to the website of SPD Worms-Mitte. By looking further around you will discover that we have much to offer. If you have any questions, requests or if you are interested in becoming a member of our local association, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail, letter or to simply call us – according to our motto that says:
"...doing our best for you in the heart of our city!"
 With best wishes,
Andreas Sackreuther